We don't have the ability to get you fired, so you can be completely honest with us about why you are struggling. 


Together, we can work through why you might have psychological blocks around moving particular projects forward, and put in place a plan and accountability to move you past and achieve the goals that make you more successful. 


    Being a freelancer or homeworker can be a lonely existence.


    Whilst you get the freedom to make your own decisions and manage your own time, sometimes that also means you have the freedom to procrastinate, and not to get done what you need. 

    When you are your own boss, it can be difficult to work out how to prioritise your workload, and you may have no one available to chat through your business challenges. 

    Whilst not being micro-managed may sound like heaven, not achieving as much as you would like can be bad for your confidence. So how do you achieve a balance?


    What if you could employ your own manager?


    A good manager should be a sounding board, and help you work through problems. They should be able to motivate you to get started, encourage you to stretch yourself, and to give you positive feedback when you've achieved something you are proud of. Ultimately, they are someone to whom you are accountable. 

    At Your Own Virtual Boss, we offer you all of those benefits whilst you maintain your independence as a freelancer or homeworker.  We give you all the tactical support and encouragement you need to help you to manage your workload and talk through productivity blocks. 

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